Involved employees at Business Cars Limburg

Our drivers have a say within the business and you notice that in their involvement. No disinterested employees, but people that stand for our product!

Sharon, control room employee

“I’ve worked at Business Cars Limburg for nine years now as a telephonist and administrative assistant. I still love coming to work every day! The best thing about this job is the direct contact with our customers.”

“All those years have created a personal bond with many of them. I know precisely what they need and how we can gear our services to them perfectly. I hope I can work for Business Cars Limburg for many years to come.”

Rob, driver

“Every day in this job is different … both the type of transport, the diversity in people and the traffic you get into. And precisely that variety is what makes it so nice.

And precisely that variety is what makes it so nice.

And I have to say that the atmosphere among one another at Business Cars Limburg is really fantastic.”

Ton, driver

“Varied work, nice people and great cars…Our customers are from all levels and standings, that makes it interesting. I’ve been able to hold all kinds of conversations.

Discretion is just one of the things our customers can rely on!”

Joep, driver

“I’ve been driving for BCL for a really long time now, and I still really enjoy it too. We’re not just a taxi firm, we drive better equipment and carry a lot of business customers. That needs a different approach and more insight into the specific needs of our ‘guests’.

Maybe that’s the difference in fact; we don’t have customers .. Business Cars Limburg has guests!”

Loek, driver

“Even after 18 years, I still find my job as a driver at Business Cars Limburg fantastic! This type of taxi service and airport transfers is very specialised after all.”

It’s mainly the diversity in the customers I’m allowed to drive that makes this job so great. They are top people from the business world, various government organizations and so forth. I hope I can do this job until I retire!”